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And Another Thing $19.95

And Another Thing
For over five years, through the Health Sciences e-Alert, Jenny Thompson has been uncovering important health information and exposing ridiculous health misinformation to an eager audience who simply can't get enough of her insightful commentary. These are definitely not the stories you see covered in the mainstream news. And Another Thing... Rants, raves, and information you can use on everything from drug company greed to vitamin C is a compilation of some of Jenny's favorite and most well received E-Alerts from over the years. And Another Thing… Rants, raves, and information you can use on everything from drug company greed to vitamin C represents some of the best of Jenny's Health Sciences Institute e-Alerts from over the years. You will find essays in this collection that will have you laughing out loud in amusement and others that will have you shaking your head in disbelief.

When Jenny Thompson started writing the HSI e-Alert five years ago, she never thought she would find something to write about every day. After all, it's health. It isn't the stock market or Hollywood, where something juicy happens every few minutes.

Boy, was she wrong!

Between the covers, you'll get:

  • The truth about what's really contained in commercial milk (and how to avoid it without giving up milk products)
  • The placebo myth (those "inert" sugar pills used in clinical trials often contain much more than a pinch of sugar)
  • The surprising techniques used by drug company salespeople to manipulate doctors (and that manipulation is often more than welcome)
  • How the medical mainstream jumped through hoops to put a positive spin on study after study that revealed the grave dangers of synthetic hormone replacement therapy to address menopausal problems (all the while, of course, effective natural therapies have been available…without the dire side effects)
  • How the subsidiary of a well-known drug company knowingly sold contaminated blood plasma overseas (and nearly got away with it)

And that's just for starters.

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McAfee SECURE sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams
More Information

Shocking Secrets Exposed!

The FDA, Big-Pharma and all
their cronies are making - and
keeping - you sick!

Read all about the real life cures that could keep you
out of any hospital or nursing home

Dear Friend,

I hate to say it, but you really are being lied to about your health every day!

And by the very people you trust your life to...

The FDA, the AMA, the mainstream press, Big Pharma. Sometimes, it's even your doctor doing the lying (even if he doesn't know it)...The worst of it is, they're raking in billions of dollars from people like you and me-and they're only making us feel worse!

I'll introduce myself in just a moment - but first, let me tell you that after spending five years researching the front lines of modern medicine, I've unearthed a frightening number of shocking health secrets...

  • Dairy companies literally poisoning you - just to save money...Never buy milk unless you see THIS on the label...
  • Schools forcing hormone - infested meat zapped with electrons and gamma rays down your grandchildren's throats - damaging future generations in ways almost too outrageous to believe!
  • Peeping Toms watching your check-ups, because your doctor lets them!...ask your doctor these important questions if you don't want to be the next victim.

And scary as that is, it's just the beginning...

But don't worry-there's hope for you and your loved ones. And that hope begins here - with a shocking and possibly life-saving new book containing secrets the FDA really doesn't want you to see...

And trust me...what's going on in modern health is wilder than anything out of Hollywood...

Secrets so wild, I've devoted the last 5 years of my life to bringing them to you.

My name is Jenny Thompson, director of Health Sciences Institute. HSI is one of the largest natural health groups in the world.


Perhaps you've heard, but in case you haven't - I'm personally responsible for the HSI E-Alert - the daily e-letter that digs deep and hits hard when it comes to exposing the fraudulent claims of modern medicine. And, in case you don't know yet - the 'powers that be' of modern medicine lie to you...and they lie to you a lot...

The kind of lies that really make a difference in your life. Imagine if people only knew...

  • The real cause of macular degeneration? - and major drug companies could lose a lot of money if the public catches wind...see page 46 for the all-natural alternatives to these sight-stealing drugs.
  • The diabetes scam spread by the mainstream media, and what all diabetics should the truth on page 224
  • Could mammograms actually cause breast cancer?! They do some good, but you'll be shocked at the truth when you see these studies virtually BANNED by the FDA...turn to page 239 for the cutting-edge 'no-squish' test that could save your life

But the FDA wouldn't really lie to
us honest Americans, would they?

I understand if you're still skeptical...but you won't be after reading this report. I wish things worked differently...but it's all very true.

Honest Americans like you deserve to know the truth. There's overwhelming evidence that we're being lied to all the time. Accounts by ex-FDA advisors prove it (you can read about it all soon...)

And what's it all about?

Money. Always follow the money.

Consider this:

  • M.D.'s routinely receive huge bonus checks from drug companies for prescribing their drug - and just wait until you hear about the spa-vacations!
  • Drug companies mark up your prescriptions as much as 569,958% (no wonder Medicare's broke!)...find out the affordable and safe alternatives that won't have you taking out a loan to fill your next prescription.
  • 'Respected' health journalists are paid off to endorse products - when it's their job to remain as impartial as possible!

Keep in mind - this is not idle conspiracy talk. It's all documented fact, crystal clear to anyone willing to do the research (trust me-I've been knee-deep in the research for almost too long - and you'll be amazed to see what I've come up with).

So...while us 'Regular Joes' empty our bank accounts for prescription drugs, suffering at night, wondering if we'll ever feel better...


It's an outrage - but it explains why the public (you, me, everyone we know) is denied access to the real stories, the real studies and the truly shocking facts.

If everyone knew the truth, all these companies - along with their outdated ways of thinking - would crumble to dust pretty quick. In other words - you really should see this...

Because, my friend...after reading these reports - you'll finally understand just how crooked the drug happy pill pushers are...and what you can do to avoid being taken advantage of...


We trust them with our health
and our money...but should we? The next time you're standing in line at the pharmacy, ready to hand over your hard earned cash for a prescription, remember these 6 facts:

1. Most testing in clinical trials for a drug is rigged with the 'placebos' made by the drug manufacturer...
2. Over the last few years, an increasing amount of drugs carry severe side-effects such as liver damage, heart disease and
macular degeneration...
3. Your doctor may be letting drug salesman spy on your private consultations!
4. The FDA spends taxpayer dollars trying to scare people away from alternative medicine - even when it may work in the patient's best interest...
5. Viruses evolve and become resistant and deadlier - because of prescription antibiotics...
6. ... ...And you know it's true because many of these shocking secrets come straight from the mouths of ex-FDA officials who decided to come clean

Intrigued yet? Well don't worry...there's more. Lots more. And there's only one place to get the information you need!


You know the victims I'm talking about. You hear about them every day. They're the unfortunate souls who don't know any better...shelling out big bucks for dangerous drugs, falling victim to pointless surgical procedures...and never ever feeling any better.

If you've ever felt like throwing in the towel and declaring good health to be a pointless pursuit...

If you've ever felt hopeless, like your well-being and happiness are completely out of your hands...

Just know one thing: the ball's ALWAYS in your court, and there's ALWAYS something you can do to feel better.

Here at Health Sciences Institute we provide information on cures and treatments that have worked wonders...treatments that are safe to use, innovations that are as natural as garden fresh vegetables, and answers that often cost next to nothing to buy. Oh...and did I mention these cures and innovative treatments are backed by research too?

I wish I had space to list them all here...but with this trusty tome in your hands, you'll have the information you need that could very well put on your way to ELIMINATING...

  • Arthritis Pain - without a prescription...
  • Macular Degeneration - the way nature intended...
  • Prostate Cancer - and please forget the painful biopsies...
  • Alzheimer's - with a tasty spice that's great with chicken...
  • Heart Disease - without worrying so much about your cholesterol...

...Interested? Well just wait - it gets better...get ready to learn about the real cause of diseases and their real treatments, starting with...


I'm talking about milk. And I wouldn't touch what they sell in supermarkets with a ten-foot-pole and rubber gloves. Here's why you shouldn't either. ...

Unlike in our younger days, milk is now literally pumped with antibiotics and growth hormones. In fact - as much as 80% of all antibiotics produced in the USA are used in agriculture...and the effects of these antibiotics on our health are DEVASTATING... They have been linked to cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and anemia.

If you enjoy a glass of milk now or then, or even use it in your cooking, you'll definitely want to read the whole story and see the studies. Yes, the truth's frightening. But this underground information could help you stay ahead of the curve...

But that's just ONE story. Ready for another? Well, brace yourself...because you're about to learn more about how to...


ARMD steals the eyesight of thousands upon thousands of Americans because they trusted their...Prescription drugs.

Of course smoking and age contribute to your risk as well, but so do these FDA-approved poisons.

According to the statistics, ARMD is on the rise...and the mainstream media is too afraid to report the truth.

Five popular drugs stand out for being the most dangerous for your if you or anyone you know has vision concerns then I'd definitely recommend giving this fascinating chapter a read...

Drugs are already costing an arm and a leg these days! Do they really need to cost you your eyes too?


Beef in itself is a great source of protein, natural enzymes and good bacteria - But not all beef is good. If you regularly eat burgers or steaks, the following information could change your life...

See, there's one kind of beef you should never go near. If the truth got out it might destroy the cattle industry. This one kind of beef is sold at supermarkets and restaurants all the time - even though it's been banned in Europe!

Why? It's been linked to cancerous tumor growths in multiple studies...and it contains about as many nutrients as a candy bar. Ready for the worst part? Congress is readying this dangerous beef to be served to schoolchildren all over the country...

Don't worry...there's plenty of delicious, healthy beef out there. You just have to know how to get it. And that information is now virtually at your fingertips with...


Now, back by popular demand it's ...And Another Thing' My 55 strongest most valuable (and most jaw dropping!) e-Alerts are compiled in an easy-to-read, life-saving reference. Packed with 250 pages of groundbreaking, real-life solutions and cutting-edge health truths you won't find anywhere else.

With this book in hand, you'll be 'in-the-know' when it comes to the real sources of sickness and disease in the world. Better yet-you'll read about how to avoid these miseries that affect so many unsuspecting Americans today!


You read that right. If '...And Another Thing' does not improve your health and nourish your mind with every turn of the page, then feel free to return it. Just give us a call or write us a note anytime within the entire first year and you'll get every penny of your $19.95 purchase price back. That's double the industry standard, for a book that positively blows the competition away.

So go ahead and give this book a test drive. With the risk-free, ironclad guarantee set firmly in place, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Share it with your friends and family. Even show it to that 'Doubting Thomas' friend of yours who thinks alternative medicine is a sham (if only they knew)!!

And keep in mind - with the valuable information on real-life breakthroughs you'll find in this book, you could be feeling healthier and healthier while keeping more money in your bank account the whole time! How's that for outwitting the FDA!

Just order today.

But please, make sure to RSVP for your copy as soon as possible. With demand so strong for the paperback edition of And Another Thing' it's expected to sell out fast. So don't wait another minute! Now is the time to start improving your life...not tomorrow, or next week, or next year. The time is now.

To Your Good Health,

Jenny Thompson
Director, Health Sciences Institute

P.S. Yes, this book will shock you - but more importantly, it'll show you how to live your life prescription-free, feeling healthier, wealthier and more vibrant than you have in years. But remember-if for some reason this book doesn't totally enthrall you, you can return it for a full refund, minus shipping and handling, any time within the next 365 days-RISK FREE!


100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Each of our titles comes with a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee. If you are not satisfied - for any reason at all - just return the book within 1 year for a full refund minus shipping!
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