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How to Fight Prostate Cancer and Win $19.95

How to Fight Prostate Cancer and Win

How to Fight Prostate Cancer and Win reveals safe and natural ways to reduce your chances of developing prostate problems. Your doctor will have you believe your only option is to go under the knifeā€¦ But simply put, there are other options that are safer, cheaper and more effective. In How to Fight Prostate Cancer and Win you'll discover how to: Combine the very best breakthroughs in conventional and alternative medicine. Support your battle with herbals, supplements, food and exercise. Root out its secret causes. Wipe out prostate cancer wherever it's lurking. Prevent it from ever coming back.

With prostate problems affecting 1 in 8 men, chances are you, or someone you care about, will be forced to deal with this issue. The good news is that this battle can be a successful one.

By arming yourself with information on the latest breakthroughs, treatments, and prevention methods you can make your fight against this deadly disease a winning one. This book goes beyond conventional treatments, telling you what doctors often don't: that for many men, nature offers far better alternatives than surgery for prostate problems. For those who are quietly suffering with prostate problems and cancer, the goal is to find ways to relieve the pain, reverse the disease and restore the body to vibrant natural health. How to Fight Prostate Cancer and Win brings you breakthrough treatments and healing possibilities to turn your prostate problems around and reclaim your vitality.

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Your ultimate winning
battle plan for defeating

"Just minutes with this breakthrough book
could add years to a man's life."

The blockbuster edition of
medicine's most complete and unbiased guide.

The very latest word on preventing and conquering prostate a
state-of-the-science program including conventional and alternative breakthroughs

It takes just two seconds for your doctor to say "you've got prostate cancer"...and in that blink of an eye, your whole life changes. Suddenly, you and your family are fighting an all-out war for your life. You've got to hit the enemy with everything you've got...

And now you've got an action plan
that puts it all together

  • Combining the very best breakthroughs in conventional and alternative medicine...
  • Supporting your battle with herbals, supplements, food and exercise...
  • Root out its secret causes...
  • To wipe out prostate cancer wherever it's lurking...
  • Prevent it from ever coming back...

And you're invited to be among the very first to see it

It's called How to Fight Prostate Cancer and Win. Brand-new and fully updated, it's the latest edition of the all-time classic by famed health reporter William L. Fischer. And whether you're actively fighting cancer or want to ensure you never get it, this blockbuster book is a must-see. Because...

Researchers have come a long, long way in just a few short years

And this is the book with the very latest, lifesaving information. Just one of these discoveries could tip the odds decisively in your favor...and together, they bring a power to bear beyond the scope of any single therapy.

Like any good battle plan, your program begins by "scouting out the enemy." You'll learn about...

The new "gold standard" in early detection that's

 If you're trusting your life to a standard PSA reading, do please RSVP right now for your RISK-FREE PREVIEW. Because researchers now say these tests produce a phony diagnosis up to 75% of the time . In your RISK-FREE PREVIEW, you'll learn about...

  • The "super PSA test" that can distinguish prostate cancer from harmless causes of high PSA. Page 15
  • And the new urine test that's so incredibly accurate, it may even make biopsies unnecessary. Some doctors are calling it "the new gold standard in prostate cancer diagnosis."  Page 16

Both tests are available right now and every man over 40 should know about them, so be sure to tell your friends about them too.
Your next step is to cut off your enemy's secret "supply base." Just like anything else that grows, cancer needs sources of nourishment. So it only makes sense to eliminate these...


Scientists have uncovered new clues about the causes of prostate cancer, but this urgent information hasn't reached patients yet! But from now on, you'll be avoiding them or blocking their effects:

  • Does testosterone cause prostate cancer?Maybe you're worried about the wrong hormone. Experts now think that high levels of the female hormone estradiol may trigger prostate tumors. And something you do everyday could be raising your levels. Page 133 shows you how to avoid it.
  • What about vasectomies? At least one study suggests they raise your risk. If you've had one, play it safe and take the precaution described on page 133.
  • Is there any connection to food? Watch out for the ones on page 72! If you have been eating them, not to worry -- find out how to "detox" your system.

Whether or not you have prostate cancer , this part of the program could save your life!

Then it's time to attack any tumors that may already exist. This is the one area where your doctor is probably concentrating most...and don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to upset the apple cart here. But I'll bet he's already encouraged you to read up on your therapy. You and your doctor are a team! If he's good, he wants you to be involved. And, as you'll see, in the last few years alone...

Conventional therapy has leaped light-years ahead

So much so, that literature published just last year can be useless or much worse. For example, right now I'm looking at a best-seller from my local bookstore that claims to be the last word in prostate cancer treatment. It confidently states that radical prostate surgery is your safest, surest cure. But did you know...?

  • Only 4% of English urologists still favor radical prostate surgery...
  • A Dartmouth University study now declares it of "questionable value" for many men...

And new surgical techniques are yielding better results in many cases, with fewer side-effects. Like the new laser surgery that's virtually pain-free and doesn't even cause bleeding. Or the cryosurgery breakthrough that can have you home the next day, with your potency intact.

Doesn't this sound like stuff you should know about? So if your doctor is gung-ho for surgery -- turn to page 138. Find out which surgery may be best for you. Then ask him about it. What can it hurt? He's got to get this right, and statistics show that men who "get in the game" live a lot longer.

Then, if your doctor has suggested any kind of radiation therapy ...

Learn about the revolution in radiation

It's a similar story here. Radiation "seeding" used to be the cutting edge, but new technologies may yield even better results. And How to Fight Prostate Cancer and Win will point you to the right one for you. Depending upon your condition, it could be:

  • High linear energy transfer radiation. Instead of using standard x-rays, it targets the cancer with helium ions to wipe out even the most deep-seated tumors. Page 142
  • Radiation with hypothermia, using heat to make tumors more vulnerable to radiation. Page 141

I know some of this may sound like "star wars," but not so anymore. Why not see the facts! Show them to your doctor. I'm sure he wants you to receive the best treatment science can offer. And...

If you're considering hormone treatments...

There's a lot of great news on this front. But do see page 139 immediately . Older techniques can shrink your scrotum and enlarge your breasts. Newer ones don't, yet they starve tumors so completely, they're even proving effective for later-stage prostate cancer.

Then, if your condition warrants it, you'll learn how to upgrade your conventional cancer-fighting program with cutting-edge immune-boosting therapies like:

  • T-cell treatments that flood your system with cancer-attacking "shock troops." Page 143
  • "Designer antibodies" that overwhelm and virtually vaporize tumors. Page 144

Yes, this stuff is for real. You'll learn if they're right for you, and if so, how to incorporate them into your program. Sure, maybe you don't need them -- but find out. Your life could depend on it!

Then you'll learn how to double the cancer-fighting power of everything else you may already be doing, by beefing up your body's natural defense forces:

No matter what you're already doing, don't ignore

Many of these are so effective and safe, they're truly a no-brainer. Evidence mounts that they do much more than simply attack the cancer. They can also multiply the benefits of conventional therapy...and assure that tumors never crop up anywhere again. No wonder so many traditional doctors are busily boning up on this formerly forbidden area.
But chances are your doctor is still pretty new to this entire field. So you've got to help him work the best ones into your battle plan. Just send for your RISK-FREE PREVIEW and show him the latest data about:

  • The brand-new Vitamin E connection. Who would have believed it a year ago? The latest research at the University of Utah School of Medicine shows it actually kills prostate cancer cells . Page 155
  •  Brilliant news about the sunshine vitamin. Believe it or not, studies now show that vitamin D can transform prostate cancer cells and help remove their malignant properties. Page 157
  • Food news from Austria that's even convincing hardened skeptics. Page 165

Then we'll move onto herbs. Don't laugh! Some traditional-minded doctors used to dismiss them, but they're singing a different tune now. Very recently, there's been...

Startling news about herbs that you thought were old hat

  • Like good old saw palmetto. You knew it was great for benign prostate swelling, but now researchers are saying it fights prostate cancer too. Page 169
  • Or its stronger brother. Another under-appreciated herb turns out to be even more effective for benign prostate problems than saw palmetto...and it's also a champion cancer-fighter . Page 61

Next, you'll find out how to combine all the best of these vitamins, minerals, herbs, plus some key fatty acids and other nutrients -- into the ultimate prevention and cancer-defense program. And if there's only one part of the book you follow, make it this one, my friend! Because, even if you've already wiped out the cancer in your body, we want to keep you cancer-free for the rest of your long life.

Then, if you like, you can send your nutritional program into overdrive with...

More than 60 powerful PROSTATE-HEALTHY MEALS

If you're like me, your wife does most of the cooking. But my wife loves these recipes because they're easy to make. So easy, in fact, that I've tried my hand at some -- and even I can't mess them up!

Don't worry, they don't taste like "health food." You'd enjoy them even if they weren't healthy, and they even include some very tasty sandwich spreads and desserts!
Best of all, these meals nourish you instead of the cancer.  They'll flush cancer-causing toxins from your system, pump your body full of cancer-fighting phytonutrients that you can only get in food -- and they can even help prevent (and reverse!) benign prostate problems.

And rest assured you won't have to give up other favorite meals. Instead, you'll learn how to make them part of your anti-cancer campaign :

  • How to grill steaks, chicken and fish so they're healthy instead of carcinogenic. Page 73
  • How to prepare fruits and vegetables to maximize their healthful effects. Page 83
  • The "triad" rule that can make any salad a potent prostate-cancer-fighter. Page 83

Next, you'll even find out how to...

Banish prostate cancer with

I'm not talking about a punishing, time-consuming workout here. Doctors are finding that certain, very mild exercises can make an enormous difference in prostate health. And How to Fight Prostate Cancer and Win includes a chapter of "how to" instructions for easy routines that anyone can do.

They'll strengthen your immune system, forestall any future prostate problems in healthy men over 40....and can even clear up cases of benign prostate swelling.

And if you'd like to double your remaining years...

Pages 220-224 could do this for you all by themselves. Because several studies now show that men with cancer live twice as long on the average if they simply join a support group.

Stay with me for a moment! This is nothing like an encounter group  and you won't be "getting in touch with your inner child." Just talking man-to-man -- comparing notes with other guys in your same situation.

There's nothing mystical about this. It's simply common sense. And best of all, it can be FREE.

Because How to Fight Prostate Cancer and Win provides you with a complete national directory of FREE PROSTATE CANCER SUPPORT GROUPS...complete with phone numbers, street addresses and website locations. That's right, you can even do it on your computer.

What's more, you'll find real-life case histories throughout this book. About men who conquered prostate in the face of truly desperate odds, together with the secrets they credit for their recoveries.

Plus you'll find a 60-page BONUS SECTION
to free you of any other prostate-related problem

Including the latest surgical, pharmacological, herbal and food breakthroughs to help you:

  • Banish benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH)...
  • Cure prostatitis...
  • Eliminate incontinence and "dribbling"...
  • Reverse or avoid the impotence that so often accompanies conventional prostate therapies...
  • And to help you return to a rich, satisfying sex life, you'll also get a complete guide to proven foods and supplements with aphrodisiac effects. Including the European enzyme discovery that's helping men over 50 maintain their erections up to 50% longer. 

Are you starting to see how much new firepower you've got to help you win this war? And always...

You'll be getting the straight story, with no sugar-coating

Because William L. Fischer has no ax to grind for either traditional or complementary medicine. He's famous in medical circles for his even-handed, objective approach. He lays out all the latest facts in easy-to-understand language -- and provides statistical details that your doctor will appreciate.

Complete with glossary of medical terms
and loads of helpful diagrams

How to Fight Prostate Cancer and Win is easily the most practical guide of its kind ever published. Packed with phone numbers, addresses, dosages, so you can stop worrying and start winning

Yes, the battle against prostate cancer can feel overwhelming...

And that's exactly how it defeats many men. But you're not going to be one of them.   Because this book will help you make sense out of chaos and put you back in charge.
So how about it? Are you ready to hit this enemy hard -- with the most?
Every moment counts now. So why wait another minute? Let me invite you now to evaluate this incredibly helpful new book for yourself, risk-free.

To give yourself  every chance you deserve...
just RSVP and use it for 1 year, RISK-FREE!

Just respond today and we'll rush you How to Fight Prostate Cancer and Win for the low price of US$19.95 plus shipping and handling.  Use it in your war against cancer, without any risk at all.

Just let it do what it's already done for so many thousands of men. I promise you'll soon feel a difference, in everything from your test results to the way you feel when you wake up in the morning -- full of energy and hope for a long, healthy future. Or simply return it in 1 year and you'll get your money back, with no questions asked. So what have you got to lose?

Don't wait another day to start winning your battle for the cancer-free life you deserve.


100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Each of our titles comes with a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee. If you are not satisfied - for any reason at all - just return the book within 1 year for a full refund minus shipping!
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