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Underground Cures: Edition IV $29.95

Underground Cures: Edition IV
Agora Health Books has partnered up with The Health Sciences Institute to bring you the most advanced, underground, natural cures you won’t learn about anywhere else. In Underground Cures- The Most Urgent Health Secrets, you’ll discover treatments for conditions like cancer, heart disease, varicose veins, macular degeneration, libido loss, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney stones, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Underground Cures—The Most Urgent Health Secrets includes the most effective medical secrets mainstream medicine won’t share with you… These breakthrough alternatives and cutting edge solutions have yet to be discovered by the mainstream or even the alternative medical communities.
  • Discover the cancer fighting potential of Brazil’s “mushroom of the gods”…retards tumor growth by up to 90 percent in just three weeks…page 3
  • Focus your mind and sharpen your memory with this Ayurvedic remedy, which laboratory tests reveal may even have a potential to treat amnesia and Alzheimer’s…page 65
  • Learn the Scandinavian secret to cutting colds by 50 percent…page 93
  • This traditional Indian remedy may be more effective than Western Medicine at easing arthritis pain, preserving joint tissue, and conserving mobility without the dangerous side effects of drugs….page 127
  • Read about the powerful vision-veggie discovered at sea that contains nutrients 80 times more effective than vitamin E…page 31
These cures may not reach your doctor’s office for decades, but the potent secrets for living a healthier and happier life are available to you now in .

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The world's secret super cures finally revealed!

Cure cancer...with mushrooms
Slash cholesterol...with sugar
Fight diabetes...with gum!

Simply put, you can discover ways to prevent—and in some cases even reverse—many health concerns without prescriptions, without side effects and without spending all of your hard-earned cash. Let me assure you, real solutions exist. There's just one catch: You have to know where to find the cure.

It could be hidden somewhere on the other side of the world, an herb cultivated by farmers on the arctic plains of the Ukraine or a formula created by Amazonian medicine men deep in the heart of the rainforest. Cures like these have been used for centuries to treat everything from headaches to cancer. But without sleek TV commercials and drug company funding, these remarkable treatments won't make their way to the people that need them most.

Some cures DO make it to our shores, but get lost in the tangle of FDA bureaucracy and red tape, leaving them ignored and out of reach from most of us.

But today that changes ...because just two minutes from now, you'll learn exactly how to get your hands on these secret super cures. This is information you deserve, because it could change the life of you and your loved ones for the best...

Tumor growth slowed dramatically!

What if you could never worry about cancer for the rest of your life? The locals of Piedad, Brazil, don't thanks to this staple of their diet—jam-packed with a host of vital nutrients that supercharge your immune system and promote healthy cell growth. That's why it's called the "mushroom of God." Those who eat it regularly say they do so to live long, youthful disease-free lives.

Up to 500,000 people worldwide use this mushroom daily to "cancer-proof" their lives—or make sure it never comes back. And now you can find this powerful mushroom extract in the US. It's easy and inexpensive—as long as you know where to get it!

A sweet fix for high cholesterol

Forget prescription cholesterol drugs like Lipitor and Baycol—they've been linked with debilitating side effects like heartburn, muscle shutdown and even death.

Instead, consider this tropical sugar cane extract with your next dinner. In one clinical trial, it was proven to lower LDL cholesterol levels by 19.3%.

Don't worry, although it's drawn from the same plant that produces table sugar, this doesn't spike your blood sugar levels when you take it. Truly incredible!

Macular degeneration doesn't stand a chance

One super-powered antioxidant from the sea could virtually eliminate any scare of macular degeneration from your life. Found off the coast of Hawaii, this miracle eye nutrient is 80 times more powerful than the vitamin E—an essential vitamin for securing eagle eyesight well into your 90s! But don't delay, macular degeneration strikes more than 13 million Americans. Make sure you're not next!

Lose weight and lower blood sugar at the same time

...just by chewing a special brand of gum? Yes, this groundbreaking new technique could actually help you overcome your hunger for the sweet foods you know you shouldn't be eating but just can't resist. You'll be amazed as this gum can help you retrain your brain to simply forget about certain food "addictions."

Then, just sit back and watch the results naturally unfold—as the pounds melt off day by day. And if you're diabetic, you should discuss the use of this product with your physician—because it could actually reduce your insulin requirements!

Natural "super aspirins" squash chronic pain

...and have been used to treat ulcers in Japan! Every year, 26,000 deaths are associated with the use of blood thinning anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin or ibuprofen. While they cover up your pain initially, the long-term effects could come back to haunt your stomach, liver and kidney.

So try this ancient folk remedy (effective for over 1,500 years!) made of all-natural ingredients that could free you of pain.

These magic bullet cures come to you today thanks to...

...the Health Sciences Institute (HSI)—an international group of cutting-edge health researchers, world-renowned doctors and even readers like yourself. Touching the lives of 244,000 members in 100 countries, HSI is one of the biggest and most trusted natural health networks in the world. They aren't influenced by corporate profits or the investor's interests—and do NOT profit in any way from the sale of the cures listed above. The only interests they keep in mind are yours. They tell you about the real cures and bring information about them straight to your doorstep so you don't have to search the world for them on your own.

But there isn't enough space to list all the cures contained in HSI's new book Underground Cures: The Most Urgent Health Secrets. It's 230 pages full of effective, scientifically proven cures that could work wonders for you. Besides the amazing cures listed above, you'll also learn the latest scoops on how to:

  • Supercharge your immune system and slow the effects of aging—with a certain kind of 47
  • Reverse Crohn's disease with a surprise Eastern tonic that eliminated or reduced symptoms 100% of the time in 133
  • Treat anxiety and depression using this all-natural stress-buster that calms you without turning you into a 97
  • Squash even the worst migraines—thanks to a unique system that stops pounding head pain at the 117
  • Sharpen your memory and concentration with an ancient Indian formula designed to chase away those "senior moments" 65

And there's even more! Fatigue, asthma, skin lesions, acid reflux, indigestion, anti-aging, sexual issues,'s all covered. And still the cures go on and on!

So why not give this life-changing new book a try? You see, HSI personally GUARANTEES this book will make you live longer, healthier and happier...


That's right—if at ANY TIME you should decide this book isn't for you, then feel free to write to us or simply give a call. You'll get every penny you spent back (minus S+H) with NO QUESTIONS ASKED and no hard feelings.

Don't wait another day. The sooner you begin, the sooner you'll be on your way to securing great health for you and your loved ones.

To secure your RISK-FREE copy of Underground Cures: the Most Urgent Health Secrets, visit the link below.

P.S. Underground Cures is the only source that helps you find the super cures you can't get anywhere else. Order your copy today!


100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Each of our titles comes with a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee. If you are not satisfied - for any reason at all - just return the book within 1 year for a full refund minus shipping!
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