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3 Minutes to a Pain-Free Life $16.00

3 Minutes to a Pain-Free Life

Imagine a world free of aches and pains... no back pain, headaches, joint stiffness, or arthritis, no expensive equipment or dangerous pain medications. Discover a pain-free life in just THREE MINUTES! 3 Minutes to a Pain-Free Life is a unique program that includes natural and effective solutions to relieving pain and preventing chronic pain forever!

The Hidden Cause of Chronic Pain

And how doing this one simple thing may help rid you of back pain…knee pain...hip pain...foot pain...migraines...arthritis...and 54 other chronic complaints

(HINT: It has nothing to do with drugs, supplements, strenuous exercise, chiropractic or anything else you may have heard of!)

In 3 Minutes to a Pain Free Life you will get all the details on Dr. Weisburg's pioneering treatment for the relief and prevention of chronic pain. For over 30 years the good doctor has used his breakthrough method in his own practice. And if the countless testimonies are to be believed his methods have healed untold thousands of cases of chronic pain. Quite often, after patients had "tried everything else".

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Special Report Reveals...

The hidden cause of
chronic pain.

And how doing this one simple thing may help rid you of back pain...knee pain...hip pain...footpain...migraines...arthritis...and 54 other chronic complaints.

(HINT: It has nothing to do with drugs, supplements, strenuous exercise, chiropractic or anything else you may have heard of!)

Do you know what it's like to be told that you will never walk again? Stella F does. According to her doctor, the osteoarthritis in her knees and stenosis (narrowing of the canals in her spine) was so bad, it was 'beyond repair.'

As someone who took great pride in the active lifestyle she enjoyed, this was a terrible shock. And being the age she was (80), drugs and corrective surgery were deemed too risky.

Unable to walk just a couple of steps, Stella spent her days confined to a wheelchair. She prayed to the heavens for a miracle. Then, just a few short weeks later, she went to see Dr. Joseph Weisberg at his New York offices.

Read about how her life changed forever...

Indeed, just a few short weeks after seeing Dr. Weisberg, Stella was reportedly not only able to stand unaided, but resume many of the activities she formerly enjoyed! What had Dr. Weisberg done?

I'll tell you about this amazing new breakthrough in just a moment. A pioneering new treatment that Dr. Weisberg has used for over 30 years to treat, and if the testimonies are to be believed, heal, untold thousands of cases of chronic pain.

Everything from migraines...knee pain...hip pain...arthritis...back pain...foot pain... and 53 other causes of pain - quite often, after patients had 'tried everything else'. First though, let me tell you about...

The hidden cause of chronic pain...

What the good doctor discovered was that chronic pain is caused by small 'microtraumas' placed on your muscles and joints from seemingly harmless, everyday actions.

Innocent little tasks like bending down to pick something up. Leaning over to grab something. Incorrect posture. Twisting. Exercising. Lifting. Raising your arms. And believe it or not, even walking!

While each may not cause instant pain, repetition of that action does. Even worse, when you perform these seemingly harmless tasks in a way that your body is not adjusted or equipped to handle places additional stress and tension on your muscles and joints.

In time, these small 'microtraumas' accumulate and if left untreated...result in inflammation and thus, pain.

So, what can you do?

Dr. Weisberg discovered that there is only one way to heal these 'microtraumas' - and it's something no amount of chiropractic adjustments...or strenuous exercise can ever do.

Sure, painkillers like aspirin, ibuprofen...tylenol...and other traditional remedies can bring welcome relief. But prolonged use of drugs can cause bleeding ulcers, liver damage...and other dangerous side effects. And just like drugs, chiropractic and similar treatments merely relieve the symptoms of chronic pain...but do nothing to address its root cause.

And that's what makes Dr. Weisberg's program so different. Because there are no drugs. No supplements. No special diets. Instead, he shows you how to prevent, control and cure chronic pain using a series of mild, almost effortless daily exercises designed to address your pain at its source.

Trains your body to cure its own hurts...

As Dr. Weisberg explains on pages 10-11 of his new book, 3 Minutes To A Pain-Free Life...

'The Weisberg Way works by taking you through six 30-second therapeutic movements that combat chronic pain by eliminating the root cause of it's occurrence. It does this by directly targeting and healing it's microtraumatic effects, thus preventing their harmful accumulation.

In the case of joint pain , these simple moves work by taking the joint through it's full range of motion, flooding the area with soothing synovial fluid and guaranteeing it's full lubrication.

With regards to muscular pain , again, these simple movements work to correct the microtraumatic effects by keeping the major muscle groups at their correct length (when they're over-stretched, inflammation of that area, and chronic pain, is the natural result).'

Consistent and daily application of these methods allows your body to bounce back from the microtraumas placed on your muscles and joints, eliminating the causes of pain before they get chance to get a hold on your body. Essentially, training your body to cure (and prevent) it's own hurts!

Truly, with 3 Minutes To A Pain-Free Life at hand, you'll be ready and able to outwit no less than 59 chronic complaints life can throw at you. More specifically, you'll discover...

  • When chronic pain is a sign of something much more serious. See your doctor immediately if you have even one of these symptoms! Page 21
  • Back pain? The culprit could be your computer! Full details, page 18
  • Do you get cramps? If so, here's one reason why...and 2 ways to get rid of it and prevent future flare-ups. Page 16
  • Why people in Asia almost never get arthritis. And how to use this information to dramatically lower your risk. Page 41
  • The little-known connection between back pain, hip pain, knee pain...and arthritis. And the simple trick you can do at home that helps prevent all 4. Page 38
  • Get rid of foot pain and hip pain with this 30-second 'exercise'! Can't be done? See page 139 and be amazed!
  • Say good-bye to migraines! Just grab a pillow and do this to your chest as described on page 155. Amazing!
  • Jaw pain? Get rid of it fast by doing this to the back of your hand! Full details, page 157.
  • Tennis elbow. This amazing 'finger and thumb' trick works every time! Page 163.
  • Stiffness or pain in your neck? Try doing this to your ear! Page 159.
  • Bursitis? Try the rubber band trick on page 161.
  • This arthritis remedy costs $39 from a sporting goods store. You go to Home Depot and get the same product (and it's wonderful benefits) for as little as 79 cents! Page 162.
  • When lower back pain means a herniated disc . Consult a health care professional of you experience this additional symptom. Page 173.
  • Is that pain in your wrist carpal tunnel syndrome? How to tell by pointing your fingers in a downward way as described on page 168. (Plus...what you can do to get rid of your wrist pain for good.)
  • Say good-bye to hip pain simply by 'rolling' your legs as described on page 178. This amazing remedy works in minutes and can be done anytime, anywhere, even while watching TV!
  • Pressing down on your ankles for 30 seconds as described on page 180 brings fast, soothing relief of knee pain. Amazing, but true.
  • How to get rid of shin splints simply by doing this to the back of your heel! Doubles as a fast-acting remedy for painful feet and toes, too! Page 183
  • Pain in your ankles? Swollen and sore? Fast relief of your pain may be hiding in your bathroom ! (Great for tendonitis and even a bad ankle strain!) Page 185

Plus...starting on page 197, you'll see how to pinpoint specific areas of your body that, unknown to you, are contributing to chronic pain in your life.

Furthermore, you'll pinpoint potential causes of chronic pain of the future. Without going to your doctor or getting a physical. For example, page 201 gives you a simple 5-second trick that tests for jaw pain - using nothing more than your own two fingers.

Page 202 shows you a simple trick you can do with your eye to for preventing neck 203 details a way to pinpoint the cause of pain in your shoulders by laying your hands flat against a wall in your home!

Get rid of back pain with this
30-second quick-fix...

Spinal dysfunction and it's microtraumatic effects are at the root of many back problems. To eliminate this dysfunction, it is essential to supplement this deficiency by mobilizing the spinal joints...and stretching the paraspinal muscles that run along the spine to flood the affected area with lubricating synovial fluid. This can be done using simple movements as described in 3 Minutes A Day To A Pain-Free Life .

For an example of how incredibly simple and effortless these 'movements' really are. If you, or anyone you know suffers with back pain, try this exercise out today. You'll be amazed at just how well this works!

Learn how to strengthen your spine, eliminate back pain...and relieve pain and tension in your shoulders undefined An extract from page 132 of 3 Minutes to a pain-free life.

Next to the common cold, back pain is the second mostcommon medical complaint among Americans. Try this super-simple movement designed to mobilize the spinal joints and stretch the stretching the paraspinal muscles that run along the spine.

HOW TO DO IT: Kneel down, resting your buttocks on your heels, with legs hip-width apart. Bend over and reach forward as far as you can. Now, place palms flush to the ground, spread your fingers and positioning your arms shoulder width apart, keeping arms and elbows straight out in front of you, with your head slightly elevated in a comfortable, neutral position. Hold for 30 seconds and release. Repeat as often as necessary until pain subsides. That's all there is to it!If you have back pain, try it, you'll be amazed!*** (Like all exercises detailed in the book, each comes with complete illustrations of how to perform the exercises.)

That's just one example of how to combat one of today's biggest chronic pain complaints. In Dr. Weisberg's new book, 3 Minutes To A Pain-Free Life, you'll find dozens of examples of how these simple, almost illogically easy techniques have given fresh new hope to sufferers of chronic pain.

'Dr. Weisberg is truly unique
in the field of chronic pain.'

Many people have been spared years of chronic pain through Dr. Weisberg's unique methods. On page 194 of Dr. Weisberg's book, you'll read Sheldon's story about what these healing secrets have done for him...

'I had a massive muscle spasm that pinched my sciatic nerve...and torn ankle ligaments which led to a cast being placed on my ankle. This caused permanent arthritic changes, which I thought would always cause me pain. That was until I met Dr. Weisberg. He gave me a sensible plan that not only healed my sciatic nerve pain...but also, using his other targeted therapeutic movements, has restored the mobility to my ankle and eliminated the pain associated with injury. Dr. Weisberg is truly unique in the field of chronic pain. If done as directed, everyone (except maybe those with disease or catastrophic trauma) can live a pain-free life.'

-- Sheldon R., Opthalmic Surgeon

Read about Gayle L. whose numerous chronic pain problems had plagued her for almost half of her life...

'Dr. Weisberg's methods have given me my life back.'

'If ever there was a hopeless case, I was it. At least that's what my doctor and other healthcare professionals I saw over a 25-year period told me. I tried drugs, herbal remedies, you name it. Nothing worked. It felt like every inch of my body hurt - literally. All the traditional medical practitioners had washed their hands of me. But Dr. Weisberg told me with just a little time it was entirely possible to live a pain-free life. To cut a long story short, my pains are all but gone. My activities have returned to normal and each day gets better. The Weisberg Way is truly a miracle. It has given me my life back.
-- Gayle L.

If, like many of Dr. Weisberg's patients you are sick and tired of the failure of 'conventional' treatments...sick and tired of poisoning your body with dangerous prescription drugs...and sick and tired of forking out good money on electronic hand-held devices and other ineffective treatments, then 3 Minutes To A Pain-Free Life may be the book you've been searching for.

As you will discover, there are a number of tremendous benefits you'll get by having this book in your home:

Firstly, you'll have in one convenient resource a collection of doctor-proven ways to diagnose, treat and heal no less than 59 different causes of potential chronic pain - and how to prevent them - without drugs, surgery or expensive supplements.

Second, you'll spare your body the toxic effects of prescription medications. Which, according to JAMA, Journal of The American Medical Association , accounts for 130,000 deaths or more every year!

Third, you'll know how to give yourself almost instant relief...without waiting for a doctors appointment...or relying on old, out-dated and ineffective methods of treatment. Plus you'll save money from visits to doctors and other healthcare professionals...and from prescription drugs you no longer need.

Fourth, if your children...grandchildren...or any friends or other family members suffer with chronic pain, you'll be able to share all of these healing breakthroughs with them, too.

In short, you'll know how to protect your most prized possession in all the world - your health. Know-how that will allow you to outwit all kinds of different pain and live a longer, healthier, more enjoyable life!

So why not give 3 Minutes To A Pain-Free Life a try today? There is no risk because you're always covered by our no-risk, 12-month money back guarantee. The book either works like I describe or you get every cent of your purchase price back, quickly and quietly. Even if you return the book on the very last day of the guarantee terms.

That means, essentially, that you can have this book...use every one of it's healing secrets for a full 12 months for FREE, if you like! But I'm betting that once you begin using these methods...and feel the tremendous healing benefits...that I couldn't pry this book out of your hands for ten times it's price!

So why not act now? Send back the attached FREE TRIAL REQUEST form today, before the moment passes. Lay claim to the pain-free life that awaits you!

PS. One more thing - it is important: Due to the small number of copies we've been afforded by the publisher, it really is important to reply to this announcement right away. Regrettably, once our current stock runs out we can't guarantee further editions will be available.


100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Each of our titles comes with a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee. If you are not satisfied - for any reason at all - just return the book within 1 year for a full refund minus shipping!
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